Domain for Websites: A Helpful Illustrated Guide

Any new person entering the field of digital marketing, mostly in blogging will first here the word “Domain“. We would like to discuss about domains with respect to bloggers/website builders/developers. What bloggers should know about domains are discussed here.

In this article we not only just give the definition of domain and its uses but we want to describe its importance, consequences on taking any random domain and many more detailed studies especially for beginners.

In this article you will not see the bookish talk and definitions but it is written to understand with general explanation so that any person can understand in detail.

At first we would like to discuss

What is Domain?

Domain is the suffix of every website name i.e.,

  • com (for commercial)
  • gov (for government)
  • edu (for education)
  • org (for organization)
  • net (for network)
  • tech (for technology)
  • us (for United States)
  • uk (for United Kingdom)
  • in (for india) etc

There are different domains available for different purposes.

For example:

here–> “com” is the domain.

Types of Domains

Generally, when most people think of websites they think of .com domains. In fact, there are different types of domains available that you must know.

Below are some of the most common Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

.com .website .info .club .org .host .co .net .online .space .me .site

This type of domains are used to rank your websites all over the world.

Some domains are Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) which are based on country names. These domains are used to build a website in a specific country and want to say to your visitors that they’ve come to country specific website.

For Example: .uk(for United Kingdom) .eu(European Union) .fr(France) .cn(China) and many more.

This type of domains are used to rank your website easily for specific locations i.e., countries. If you build a website specific to a perticular country then you must use Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs).

Impact of domain extensions

For initial websites, the confidence of the visitors is very essential for the growth of the websites. If you use popular extensions then it is most likely to raise the confidence of your website’s visitors.

First of all here we are going to know the best domain extension for your website.

  • Use the suitable domain extension for your website depending upon the niche you have selected.
  • Intially it is recommended to take “.com” extension (especially from TLD domains).

Most common domain extensions are

  • .com -for Commercial
  • .org -for Organization
  • .co -for Company
  • .net -for Network

What is Domain Name?

The name of your website is the domain name. People remember your website with the help of domain name. When people type your domain name in web browser then they will get to your website.

Technically saying domain names represents the Ip address of your website. Here you must know that Domain Name System(DNS) converts the domain name into an IP address character set, via a Domain Name System(DNS) server.

For example:

In the above example “” is the domain name.

Where can I buy domain names?

Buying the domains means registering domain names on various types of domains. You can buy Domain names at domain registrars. There are many registrars available in the market. Always remember -buy a domain with a reputable domain registrar.

You will be registering domain for specific period of time i.e., initially for 1year. Different registrars have different prices for registering domain names.

The registration is not permanent but to continue your work on that domain, you need to renewal the domain name at regular interval of time. If you don’t renewal within it’s renewal time then you may lose control on the domain name.

While buying the domain name, check whether the registrar is giving free WHOIS Domain Privacy(which hides your contact information via a WHOIS search). Not all the domain registrars gives the free WHOIS Domain Privacy.

Author’s bad incident on buying domain

Don’t buy domain from unknown registrars, who are not having ICANN fee because those most of the registrars dissolve their company after some period of time.

Selection of domain name

Now that you are all aware of different domains, we’re going to know how you can choose the best domain name for your needs.

Remember Domain Name will be your brand name so choose it wisely.

  • At First try to take single word domain which can be easily remembered according to your niche. But now a days it is very difficult to get single word domain. If you get single word domain it will be better.
  • If you didn’t get single word domain then only go for 2 word domain name.
  • Don’t take any random domain name which is not related to your topic/niche.
  • Easy to remember domain names will get popular very fast.
  • Try to add topic/niche name while selecting domain name because most searches are done by typing the topic name in queries. It also helps in SEO(ranking your website in your niche).

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